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3 Tips For Creating A Custom Bathroom

At SMD Construction, we know that doing a custom bathroom renovation is a great way to add style and personality to your home. Whether you are upgrading your master bathroom, adding a new bathroom to a basement, or remodeling a guest bathroom, your ideas and options are endless. And no matter if it’s a small bathroom renovation to a full custom bathroom remodel, our team has some ideas and suggestions for you to consider for your upcoming project.

1) Understanding And Selecting The Type of Bathroom Remodeling To Fit Your Needs.

When planning your bathroom project, you should write down your overall goals for your ideal bathroom, including what you like about the current space, and what you are expecting to change. Perhaps your goals can be accomplished with updated finishings, or simply a new shower and vanity. Or, are you looking to change the entire look and feel of your current space? Are you wanting to add more space to your bathroom, or add additional specialties like an oversized shower and spa, or custom closet space?  Whatever your goals, your ideas can be endless, but we suggest having an idea of what you are wanting to accomplish, including reference pictures, to help your contractor understand your goals.

And this will ultimately help you with your next tip, which is:

2) Planning your investment amount.

Like any residential construction project, setting your budget can help you determine how much you are able to do during your project. Think about the amount of money you are comfortable investing in your home, or the current project and start there. Your contractor will be able to help guide you on determining if your goals from step 1, are feasible for your budget in step 2.

Once the contractor understands the budget, they will additional suggestions to get the most from your budget including on ways to save, and what areas will get you the most return for your investment. At SMD Construction, we will help identify which choices will have the biggest impact on your budget and work closely with you to help design the ideal bathroom that meets your investment budget.

Other things to consider when determining your investment budget for your remodeling:


  • How long do you plan on staying in your home?

  • What is the current resell value on your home and will the improvements help that value?

  • Will these changes help your everyday life and comfort?

3) Pros and Cons Of Changing Your Bathroom Layout

Often, changing the layout of your bathroom is a great way to accomplish a new look and new use of space. Whether relocating the sink or the shower, or even adjusting the flow, you can transform the look and optimize the space to best fit your daily routine.

However, understanding that significant changes in moving or relocating items made add significant cost and time to your project, based on the previous setup and structure of the room. For instance, remodeling your existing shower or vanity may only require a few tile or plumbing changes; however, moving these items may require additional construction including relocating the existing plumbing, electrical wiring, air ventilation and tiling. 

Having an understanding that the more items that need added or relocated, may increase the construction time and investment can help you identify the type of changes you wish to make.

4) Bathroom Shower Options

When customizing your bathroom, your shower remodeling is a major component of the remodel, but can ultimately make some of the most noticeable, and enjoyable changes. Here are a few aspects for your shower upgrade:

• Existing size:

Does your current shower/tub fit your needs? Do you have the room to expand your shower area?

• Tub or No Tub:

If your existing shower also includes a tub, you may want to consider getting ride of it. This will help free up more room in your bathroom or give you more room for your walk-in shower. It also allows you more options for remodeling your shower unit such as the tiles, shelves and fixtures.

• Shower Tiles:

You need to ensure your new bathroom remodel is done correctly and part of that includes protecting your walls from moisture. Your contractor will be able to help understand the importance and materials that will go into water proofing your new shower. This then leads to selecting the finish of your new shower. You will want to select the shower wall tile, and shower floor tile. You can also add accent tiles or borders into the design to achieve the desired look you want to achieve.

• Shower Heads, Custom Lighting And More:

Sometimes, the most simple way to remodel your shower is to replace the shower head to something more modern or spa-like. Or, include these features with your new custom shower to transform your shower into your own personal spa. Be sure to research all the types of showerheads to determine which would be best for you.

And your shower and bathroom lighting is another aspect that can help bring life and energy to your bathroom. You have the option of installing shower lights in your new shower, or outside along with a new exhaust fan for best room ventilation.

5) Research And Get Inspired

At SMD Construction, we strongly urge you to take the time to research the different ideas, designs, layouts and fixture options for your bathroom upgrade to help ensure you are getting the bathroom of your dreams. Find different pictures or ideas that stand out to you, and present them to your construction team. This way, everyone is on the same page with your ideas and can offer their suggestions based on experience.

Please keep in mind that once construction starts, changes become more challenging based on the progress of the project. So we recommend getting as many ideas and concepts organized, at the start, as possible.

If you have any questions regarding your custom bathroom-remodeling project, please do not hesitate to contact our team at SMD Construction to learn more.

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