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Steps for Building the Perfect Backyard Deck.

At SMD Construction, we know that designing your custom deck can be an exciting, yet challenging task. Here, we provided our initial five steps to help make the process as easy as possible. One thing we suggest as a potential starting point is to also research and look at various decks online to help get ideas and direction for your deck or patio project. We encourage you to save or print out a few ideas that stand out the most to you, and present to our team. We can then discuss these ideas, along with the suggestions below to start designing your perfect deck or patio.  Here are some other suggestions to help get you started.

1) Plan Your Custom Deck To Fit Your Lifestyle.

We suggest starting your custom deck with general ideas of what the deck can do to enhance your life. What will you primarily use the deck for? For example, will you be using the area for entertaining a large number of people? Will you focus around a grill and BBQ area? Do you anticipate having an outdoor kitchen? If building your custom deck with your family, be sure to ask them how they plan to use the deck, as well. Consider additional design elements such as a friendly conversation pit, a hot tub, or just a clear path for walking out of the house.

2) Selecting Your Custom Deck Shape and Size

There is a general rule that your deck should be no larger than 20 percent of your house’s square footage.  This rule is generally to not overwhelm a house visually. However, at SMD Construction, we suggest if you spend plenty of time on it, and if it is divided up into clearly different sections or rooms, a larger deck can look amazing and add value to your home. Also, when visualizing your deck, there is nothing wrong with a rectangular deck, but consider adding some style with angles or even curves. While not as straightforward, these unique aspects can help make a deck stand out to you and your guests.

3) Plan Your Deck For How You Will Use It

Once you have your ideas for your custom deck, you will want to ensure you allocate enough space for the activities you enjoy, in addition to clear pathways for you to walk through comfortably. You should think of your deck as having specific areas or “rooms” for grilling, lounging, dining and entertaining. Make sure that there will be plenty of room for your furniture including tables, chairs and décor.

4) The Right Cooking Space For Your Custom Deck

If you love to cook outside and enjoy interacting with guests as you grill, you may want to plan an outdoor kitchen with a counter and even cooking appliances. Some other ideas you might want to include are a built-in eating counter with chairs or stools to help your guests feel included in the area. If looking to go simple, you could include a small alcove off to the side, with room for a grill.

5) Selecting The Material For Your Custom Deck

For the finish materials – the decking, railing, and fascia, there are a few options that you can now consider between composite material, PVC and treated lumber. One of the main aspects to consider is budget and upkeep. For example, composite material will provide a beautiful look with very little maintenance over the lifespan of your deck, however, will have a higher material cost upfront. If looking to build on a budget, treated lumber will still provide a beautiful option, but will require more maintenance over the span of the deck.  Be sure to talk with one of our SMD Construction team members who can show you examples of the various materials we use, and advantages, disadvantages costs and examples for each.

There are also other aspects to consider with planning and designing your new deck, such as incorporating the views that you want, bridging the house and the yard to ensure the transition flows naturally, as well as incorporating other vertical elements such as the railing, skirting and other overhead structures such as a pergola or roof.

At SMD Construction, we are dedicated to providing you with the deck of your dreams, while ensuring your deck stays within your budget. We can offer a variety of ideas and suggestions to ensure we are meeting both of your goals. Contact us today with ideas or questions and look forward to hearing from you.